Wooden handles

We are a company with very deep roots that enable us to be flexible, prepared, efficient and innovative.
The production of wooden handles, which is the main activity of our company, started back in 1800 thanks to Abramo Foppoli, who gave his name to our company, focusing initially on production level of craftsmanship in wood handles for agricultural tools , Rakes, sickles, forks, hoes and so on.

From the early 1900s, his son Giovanni Foppoli, begins collecting the baton from father to build alone the first machines to produce wooden handles.

With this equipment continually improved over the years and then with increasing, since the 1950s, the sons of Giovanni, Alfonso and Marino, alongside the production of classic wooden handles for agriculture, production of wooden handles to the sector.

Since 1975, continuing the family tradition, Giovanni and Ugo Foppoli, children of Alfonso Foppoli, continuing in the production of wooden handles, and extend their market presence by expanding the network of sales and adjust equipment and machinery.
Continuing the family tradition, Simone Foppoli son of Giovanni Foppoli, leads the company to a more efficient production capacity of wooden handles, alongside the traditional machines used until then, modern numerical control, thus holding the Maximum production flexibility as possible.

In order to be able to meet any requirement from our customers in terms of shapes, finishes, customization and packaging and enrich as much as possible the production of wooden handles our company bears installations painting, marking, and Labeling with management of bar codes.
Fundamental to our company is respect for the environment. Proof lies in the fact that in various stages of production of our products are used wood species, from forests certified FSC and PEFC, and also thanks to new and modern equipment are used for painting the trim its production of wooden handles, just water-based products.

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